That’s how many words I need to write a day to finish my Nanowrimo project on time.

It’s day 11, and by the end of today I should have written 18,337 words. So far, I have written 4,216. Needless to say, I’m a little behind.

I could make excuses about how my work schedule’s been crazy, and I’ve been tired. Or about how there was other things to do, and how I can’t focus as well when my boyfriend’s home. But none of that matters. It’s in the past now.

There were a few days I didn’t get to write, and some days were I didn’t get to write enough. Now, I’m anxious to write more. Not because I’m stressed about finishing, but because I want to write.

I could become discouraged. I usually do when things don’t go to plan. When things don’t go perfectly, I want to start over. I’m trying to learn that almost nothing goes perfectly, and that I can’t give up anytime things don’t work out the way I want them to. Otherwise, I’ll never finish anything.

For once, I’m not even tempted to give up. I want to do my best to write everyday, even if I only write 100 words. That’s still better than none. I can’t wait to see what I accomplish by the end of the month.

So, here’s to renewed focus.


One thought on “2,290

  1. I’m in the same boat. I’m behind but I refuse to give up. On days when discouragement tries to sneak into my head I remind myself that nanowrimo is a made up competition with myself. If I get to 50,000 words, I win. If I don’t get there, I still win because I wrote. Best of luck, you’ve got this.


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