(Reflecting) On Blogging 101

(Reflecting) On Blogging 101

I admit I’ve been distracted this week. In fact, I’ve been sitting on this post for days. I can’t help it; I was lost in an amazing book. (The Quantum Thief by Hannu Rajaniemi, more about that later).

And I finished it today, so here we are.

But even still, I’ve spent a lot of timing reflecting on the Blogging 101 course I’ve been spending time on this month. Continue reading “(Reflecting) On Blogging 101”


Lessons in Invisibility

Lessons in Invisibility

This is what I’ve learned:
Rule 1: Stay out of the way. If someone bumps into you, you’re cover is blown.
Rule 2: Don’t bump into anything or knock anything over. It doesn’t matter if they can’t see you, if you start making a ruckus.
Rule 3: While we’re on the subject, be quiet. Wear clothing that doesn’t rustle too much, walk gently, and don’t breath too heavily.

I’m upstairs in the bedroom when I hear noise in the kitchen. I got home from work early and came up to change. I finish dressing quickly. This is perfect. I prepare myself. I check my reflection in the mirror and it isn’t there. It’s weird not having a reflection, but that’s how I know it’s working. Continue reading “Lessons in Invisibility”

Where I Left Off

I wanted to start to a blog because I wanted a reason to write.

But not just to write, because I always have a reason to write. I wanted a reason to write something from start to finish. I wanted a reason to share what I wrote.

I wanted to start a blog because I liked the idea of it. I liked the idea of composing a completed piece of work, of revising and editing it, of posting it for others to see. I liked the idea of a blogging community. The structure. The accountability. Continue reading “Where I Left Off”