Designed a Custom Header (And a Featured Image)

Designed a Custom Header (And a Featured Image)

The Creative Stretch

Creativity is more than painting a picture or writing a story. It’s more than art. More than a way of thinking. It’s a skill.┬áThe same thing that allows us to daydream on the bus or design a building can help us find unique solutions to everyday problems, big and small.

Creativity is something we can improve, just like any other skill. It’s something all creative types, and perhaps everyone in general, can and should practice.

I like to practice creative thinking, not just by focusing on writing (my main creative outlet), but also by finding other ways to be creative. No act of creativity is insignificant, and something as simple has decorating my nails in a new and unique way or coloring page in a coloring book has value to me. Continue reading “Designed a Custom Header (And a Featured Image)”