Visible Ink

Visible Ink

This is a  post based on a  Daily Prompt,  “Quote”, from I don’t how long ago. I was intrigued so I started this post, but I never finished it. I worked today, and my brain is sleepy, and I had no idea what to write about, so it seemed as good a time as any to revisit it.


“The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible.”

-Vladimir Nabokov

It’s common to be moved by the words of others. We’ve all experienced it. Sometimes someone else is able to say in a hauntingly precise and accurate way exactly what we’re feeling. There’s something magical about that. Not only does it validate our feelings, but gives us a sense of camaraderie. We know that someone, somewhere, at some point in time felt just the way we do. A kindred spirit, if only in this one way.

I debated between several different quotes before ultimately settling on this one. It seemed logical to choose the quote that inspired the name of my blog.

I have often sat with a blank page in front of me, pen in hand (or fingers on the keyboard), unable to muster a single word to put down. At times I’ve felt almost intimidated by the purity of the page.

wanted to write, but I couldn’t. I felt like there was something there, deep inside. Words that wanted to come out. I just couldn’t seem to grab a hold of them.

This quote reminds me of when you buy a new journal. You bring it home, tingling with excitement. At home, you flip through it. Smelling the pages. Feeling the smoothness of the paper. You can’t wait to write in it. But you don’t. It takes time to work up the courage to write the first word because to begin writing is to risk marring the page. To risk destroying the beauty, the pureness of the page. To risk failing. Because what you hold in your hand is more than a journal, it is possibility.  It is your dreams. The hope for what you might create in the future.

That’s what every blank page is, whether it’s a piece of paper in a notebook or a screen in front of you. Every blank page holds infinite possibility, and that is as daunting as it is exhilarating.

When I found this quote it spoke to me because it so perfectly described this feeling I had felt so many times but had never even thought to express. It was almost as if these words could have one day come from how my own mind and pen if it had not already been said by Nabokov. And at the same time, it feels as though I could never express myself so beautifully and concisely.

I started this blog for many reasons, but the main one was to write. To put words down and share them. To write more, and to learn to write better.

I chose the name Conspicuous Ink as an allusion to this quote.I wanted to represent the feeling behind what inspired me to start this blog, as well keep a reminder for myself that the words are there. Sometimes you have to work for them, but they’re there. I wanted this blog to be a tool to uncovering the words hidden in the pages.